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EDGE event Women in Research Ireland

EDGE event taking place on Wednesday Feb 20th 2019 in the Trinity Long Room Hub

The event is part of the overall EDGE Leadership programme.

There will be an Intro by Prof Linda Doyle TCD Dean of Research and Director of the EDGE CO-fund, a keynote speech by Dr Liz Elvidge from Imperial College London, specialist in post doc careers followed by a panel discussion and lunch and all details are below and attached.

The focus of the panel discussion is on women’s leadership and research and this is important to all of us.

Integrating women’s leadership and gender equality awareness whether in staff quotas or your research will become more and more important as time moves forward with some predicting that funding will be withheld from projects and universities themselves if gender equality at all levels is not addressed and implemented.

The audience will be made up of post docs researchers, academics, industry, education professionals and post grad students. Please let your networks know.

The themes will be confirmed closer to the time. If you want to suggest an area for exploration you can do so when registering.

An overview of the overall programme is attached. There will be another panel discussion focusing on women’s leadership and industry on Mar 13th at the LCR O’Reilly Building.

To register click here

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